February 25, 2016



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Along with a huge selection of used games for modern platforms, we also carry a large selection of classic games for every system from Atari to PS4.

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Level 7 is about the only worthwhile place in Denver to get your hands on classic games. I’ve been buying NES and SNES games there for the past few months — the prices are always decent, and the staff is super cool.
This is the used gaming store, that i have been yearning for. Basically, think of the exact opposite of what gamestop is, and you get this place. The staff is OVER-THE-TOP, friendly, helpful, and will offer you reasonable rates on your trade in. Where as, gamestop’s staff will knowingly offer you a rip-off with a smile on their face, these guys were too honest for that. I went in to trade some old PS2 games (which typically don’t earn much), and got a controller with a game, which equalled a little more than the value of my trade, without any reservation or awkward negotiation between me and the staff. I wish i could remember the name of the…not one, but two employees that not only helped me trade up my stuff, but were very knowledgeable with specific gaming type of questions that i had. Literally, the only thing that could be better than this place, is amazon.com or an online store. But as far as retail, this place is hard to beat.
They didn’t try to sell me preorders, a magazine subscription, a loyalty card, DLC, The Brooklyn Bridge, a handful of magic beans, a South Pacific island, or an extended warranty. They didn’t demand my phone number, my ID, and for me to fill out a form attesting that my trade-ins were not stolen merchandise. I simply walked in, purchased the game I wanted, and was out the door in three minutes. Basically, they are the anti-Gamestop.