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Buy, Sell, Trade, Retro, System Repair, Computer Repair
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We have the newest titles and accessories for current generation consoles.

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Along with a huge selection of used games for modern platforms, we also carry a large selection of classic games for every system from Atari to PS4.

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System Repair

PC or broken console? Our techs will take a look at any issues you may be experiencing.

level 7 games

Some games in a building for you to buy.
Level 7 was founded in Denver, Colorado by a couple of friends with a pile of games and no direction.

We wanted to offer an alternative to big box electronic stores and online retailers, because we missed the feeling of walking into a game store and being surprised by a game that maybe we’d never heard of, or hadn’t played in a long time and didn’t expect to see. Our goal was to bring what the gaming community was missing back to life by giving people a place to discuss and sometimes drool over their/our favorite games.

Lev Sev Crew

We aim to have knowledgeable staff and a comfortable and personal storefront that you enjoy visiting.


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